Syn-ake: Product Overview

Syn-ake is a topical anti-ageing treatment that was developed by the Swedish company Pentapharm Ltd., and is marketed as an alternative to other types of synthetic treatments that are formulated to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. This ingredient, which is used in several different products that are designed to fight ageing, is a synthetic form of snake venom.

How Syn-ake Works

Syn-ake reduces muscular contractions in the face and reduces cell movement; thereby keeping the skin smooth. The concept behind Syn-ake is that since snake venom causes muscular paralysis, a synthetic derivative of the venom would work to temporarily deaden the muscles in the face to prevent the formation or deepening of wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth form over time because the muscles in the face contract in repeated motions that cause you to smile, laugh, and frown. These facial expressions cause the skin to stretch and wrinkle each time, and eventually, lines and wrinkles form because your skin loses its elasticity and can no longer snap back to its original position. Syn-ake can be applied to wrinkles on the forehead, the neck, around the mouth, and around the eyes, although extreme care should be taken to keep the product out of the eyes. Much like Botox injections, the effects of Syn-ake fade over time and are not a permanent solution to fighting wrinkles.

Source: The Dermatology Review

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