Today at The Amazing Blog we’re talking about sheet masks. Did you know that they originated in Japan (not Korea)? Sheet Masks are thought to have been invented by the Japanese Geishas who would soak small silk squares in flower water, and then rest them on their faces as part of a skincare routine. We don’t have silk sheets but we do have Mitomo’s Essence Sheet Masks which are made from sustainable bamboo fibres and impregnated with botanical extracts.

Mitomo is a Japanese company that launched in 2006, which specialises in producing high-end sheet masks. Their products and branding reflect the culture, where you can’t miss the famous cherry blossom on their packaging and extracts in most of the ingredients. The symbolism cherry blossom in Japan means ‘a time of renewal’, as the blossom is only evident for two weeks before it starts for fall. In a bygone era, it signalled the rice-planting season, where its blooms were used to bless the forthcoming harvest. We’ve already tried many of their different sheet masks, see here; so, we’re looking forward to trying two new sheets masks that they have added to their Ukiyoe Essence Masks collection with the Aloe + Cherry Blossoms Essence Sheet Mask and the Camellia Flower Oil + Matcha Essence Sheet Mask. These are made from bamboo bio cellulose material and what we like about bamboo is that it’s biodegradable and the fibres have no chemicals. It also has good breathability and water absorption; together with being antibacterial. They also manufacture and designs sheet masks for other international beauty brands, and are known in more than 60 countries all over the world. 

Let’s start with our favourite, Aloe + Cherry Blossoms Essence Sheet Masks which are ideal for those who wish to enhance moisture and elasticity in the skin. It contains a rich source of caffeic acid and other phenolic antioxidants for antioxidants that prevent cellular damage; as well as arbutin known for reducing dark pigmentation spots. The cherry blossom extract is used as a soothing agent because it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to repair skin damages and gives the skin a natural barrier. It is rich in collagen, therefore, not only can it improve skin elasticity, but also prevents the effect of glycation, a process in which the excess of sugar in the body destroys the elasticity and create wrinkles and sagging. This face mask is also rich in multivitamins and enzymes including vitamins A and C and stops skin breakouts thanks to the aloe vera extract here. Finally, the mask is rich in a boswellia serrata gum extract (also known as Indian frankincense)  known for its ability to keep the skin look firm and youthful. We used these once or twice a week, on cleansed skin, leaving for 20 minutes, removing and squeezing out any excess extracts which we gently massaging into the face. You can find it here for £2.70 each or a pack of 10 for £23.90.

The Camellia Flower Oil + Matcha Essence Sheet Mask is a very different mask, it’s a purifier. One of its main ingredients is the camellia flower oil, which is non-greasy and an excellent moisturiser for oily or combination skin. It absorbs quickly and reaches the dermal layers of the skin, therefore providing even deeper hydration. It’s also a great balancer rich in vitamins A, B, D, and, E as well as omega 3,6, and 9. The matcha (ground green tea) here is very popular in East Asia and is used for detoxing in both cosmetics and food. Good for the body and digestive system; it provides DNA restoration for the skin. The tea polyphenols in matcha powder offer protection against UV ray damage. It can reduce the redness of the skin and bring an overall feeling of smoothness. It also has properties that help with the reduction of sebum secretion. The boswellia serrata gum extract used in both masks is included for anti-ageing reasons and as an acne reliever. Alongside these great ingredients, it also contains refreshing and soothing aloe vera. You can find this purifier mask for £2.70 each or a set of 10 for £23.90 here

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