There are many uses for platinum other than just in jewelry. It has been used to promote increased mental focus, enhanced mental acuity, increased creativity and lucid dreaming. It has been known to support healthy tissue regeneration and DNA repair. It also promotes increased libido in men and women.

Platinum nanoparticles are usually in the form of a suspension or colloid of nanoparticles of platinum in a fluid, usually water. A colloid is technically defined as a stable dispersion of particles in a fluid medium (liquid or gas).

Spherical platinum nanoparticles can be made with sizes between about 2 and 100 nanometres (nm), depending on reaction conditions. Platinum nanoparticles are suspended in the colloidal solution of brownish-red or black color. Nanoparticles come in wide variety of shapes including spheres, rods, cubes, and tetrahedra.

Platinum nanoparticles are the subject of substantial research, with potential applications in a wide variety of areas. These include catalysis, medicine, and the synthesis of novel materials with unique properties.

Source: Wikipedia

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